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Project Description

La Salle Technova participates in the APTENISA, an initiative which is coordinated by the Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE), and co-financing by ENISA. The project develops programs designed to promote the creation and growth of new technology-based companies. As well as the promotion of a state Investor Network to favour access to private financing to entrepreneurial initiatives. 

APTENISA includes: 

APTENISA Train the trainers to train in a common accelerator methodology 10 science and technology parks that participates. These methodologies are the Candy Innovation Model and the Lean Launch Pad (LLP) 

APTENISA Start is focused on the very early stage of new venture creation, moving from ideas to validated business models. It is based on La Salle Technova T-Start program. 

APTENISA Launch designed to support in the initial phase of the start-up and prepare them systematically for market launch. It is based on La Salle T-Launch and it is develop by Parque Científico de Madrid mainly for projects focused on biotechnology, life sciences, and other scientific areas. And develop by La Salle Technova for digital projects. 

APTENISA Investor Network training and creation of a network of Business Angels with the aim of increasing private financing opportunities for entrepreneurial projects.
Project Details